A New Chapter

rusticroots_final_Full Logo.png

Rustic Roots Creative started in November 2014 when I approached Nathan Simmons about starting a video production company to focus on non-profits. The idea was a little crazy…  At least that’s what people told us: “Non-profits have no money”, “Why are you doing this?”, etc., but the idea was so much more than the money.


We kept seeing a need that needed to be filled. Non-profits are vital to our community. They help many people and do a lot of good for our city.  Creative arts are such a  powerful tool to motivate people to change, bring awareness to a cause, raise funds in order to do more good. I kept asking myself why there seemed to be such a gap between the two? Why is it so hard for non-profits to get these tools in their hands? How would it change our non-profits, our communities, and our world if non-profits could more effectively and creatively communicate their mission and their values? The answer is “a lot”, and that’s where we decided to get to work.


The goal of Rustic Roots is simple: To help non-profits better communicate their vision. Over the past 2 ½ years, we have done that through video production. We’ve helped bring awareness to organizations saving lives, impacting families, and honestly, changing the world. We’ve come alongside organizations that help kids in our city live a full life, have healthy minds, bodies, and souls. We’ve seen teens give testimony to the work of organizations that were vital to their graduation. We're so thankful for the opportunities we've had to work with such incredible organizations, and we're eager to continue partnering with our fellow Knoxvillians in making a difference.


In the next few months, we are unfolding a new chapter in Rustic Roots Creative’s history. We are really excited about where things are going (really excited!). It’s going to enable us to help more organizations and be a part of what makes Knoxville so great. We can’t wait to share with you what we’ve been building!

- Matthew Reynolds