Our Team is Growing

In order to better serve the nonprofit community, we are expanding the services we offer! To do that, we are excited to announce that Khloe Williams will be joining the Rustic Roots as a graphic and web designer! She provides a lot of insight, expertise in branding and design, and is a lot of fun to be around. You’ll also notice that this addition to Rustic Roots allows us to bring design and web services to nonprofits (Check out our new design and web packages!)! We are super excited to introduce Khloe to you! Here’s a little intro to who she is to get you as excited as we are.

Khloe is fascinated by stories and the way the world revolves around sharing them. As a graphic designer, she’s passionate about using color, space and design techniques to help others communicate their passions, missions, and stories. After completing her graphic design degree in 2015, Khloe spent the last 2 years working for a local nonprofit and carried responsibility for all design, branding, social media/web development and maintenance, and event/organization promotion while also pursuing freelance work on the side.

Florida born, but East Tennessee raised, Khloe claims good ol’ Knoxville as home. She enjoys sunshine, wildflowers, a tidy desk, going barefoot, and photography. She could eat an avocado a day, is obsessed with Pantone colors, and almost always has a cup of good strong coffee within reach. When she’s not working, you can maybe find Khloe scrolling through Instagram, planning (yet rarely doing) Pinterest crafts, baking, hanging out with friends and family, or curled up in a blanket Netflixing or reading.