6 Ways Video Is Essential to Nonprofits

Nonprofits can utilize video to make an impact in their organization and the community around them. We walk through a few of the ways we see video benefitting nonprofits.

Video Adds a Human Element to Fundraising

Video gives donors and volunteers an emotional connection that you can’t get as well in other mediums. Once you add that human/emotional element, you can create an emotional response that will make your call to actions more effective.

You Can Have Others Validate Your Mission

Want to gain public credibility and validation of what you do as an organization? Use others to tell your story and mission for you! Do you have a leader in the community that believes in what you do? Maybe a client that has had their life changed by your mission? If you use a testimonial video, people will see from all sides the value of your mission.

People Can See You In Action

Your staff gives their lives to affect change in the world. They work hard and put time and effort into what they do. What better thing to do than showing the world the work they have done? People who see what you have done will want to join alongside you. You can inspire people to donate, volunteer, and promote your mission by showing them through video.

It Helps Remind Donors, Volunteers, and Staff Why They Do What They Do

Your people love your mission. They believe in it with all their hearts. But sometimes, they can be overworked, stressed out, or lose sight of the bigger picture. Conveying your mission and vision through video will help them remember the big picture, remember why they got involved in the first place, and inspire them towards the vision.

It’s Hard to Make What NonProfits do Tangible. Video Makes it Tangible

What you do can be a challenge to make tangible to your audience. They may have a general idea of who you are and what you stand for, but they don’t exactly know what you do. Video can be a way of visually showing what you do to the world. Seeing is believing, and by using video, people will believe in your organization.

It Tells Your Story on a Mass Scale

It would be great if we could sit down individually with a future donor and tell them why you do what you do and inspire them to join you. If only you could just have a few minutes to sit down and discuss with someone your mission. With video, you can have that conversation and push it out to thousands of current and potential donors.

- Matthew Reynolds